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Sep 28, 2012 2:30pm PDT
will challenge chancellor merkel in the 2015 election. >> the french government unveils steep tax hikes on businesses and the country's wealthy as it seeks to cut the nation's budget deficit. >> in formula one, team mercedes is not going to renew michael schumacher's contract after the season is over. german chancellor angela merkel will have a formidable challenger when she seeks reelection next year. it has been announced that former finance minister peer steinbruck will be running to oppose her. >> is a sharp-witted and sharp- tongued opponent. his candidacy was announced earlier today in berlin. >> he is the spd star right now after the two other contenders made way for him. the parliamentary leader refused to run a second time, and party leader did not think he would attract enough votes, so steinbruck is said to compete against his onetime ally angela merkel for the chancellorship. >> i accept the challenge to take the spd to victory in the next election. that is our goal. we want to oust this government. >> steinbruck says he wants to head a social democrat green coalition. he ha
Sep 28, 2012 6:30pm PDT
german chancellor angela merkel will have a formidable challenger when she seeks reelection next year. it has been announced that former finance minister peer steinbruck will be running to oppose her. >> is a sharp-witted and sharp- tongued opponent. his candidacy was announced earlier today in berlin. >> he is the spd star right now after the two other contenders made way for him. the parliamentary leader refused to run a second time, and party leader did not think he would attract enough votes, so steinbruck is said to compete against his onetime ally angela merkel for the chancellorship. >> i accept the challenge to take the spd to victory in the next election. that is our goal. we want to oust this government. >> steinbruck says he wants to head a social democrat green coalition. he has a degree in economics and is known for pragmatism and expertise in fiscal policy. he is regarded as a centrist, and the spd hopes he can pull votes from conservatives. am i think they have a better chance with him. he seems more down to earth -- >> i think they have a better chance with him th
Sep 25, 2012 2:30pm PDT
they must follow through with the size of policies. chancellor angela merkel repeated her opposition to the pulp -- the pooling of eurozone debt. >> a stone's throw from the bdi meeting, beggars are out on the street. compared to the rest of europe, most germans are doing well, but the country is not prepared to simply foot the bill for others. chancellor merkel reassure business leaders that berlin would not hand out funds without conditions. >> guarantees must be met with checks and balances. anything else would leave europe back to a half where we have not learned from the mistakes of the past -- lead europe that to a path. >> economically, europe is moving ahead at different speeds with some countries in the north of the eu fairing quite well and others, mainly in the south of the continent, facing a severe crisis. stability programs rely foremost on german funding. >> we need to be patient and wait to see how effective the esm is before we talk about pumping more funds into it. >> the ecb president wants to go further. he tried to reassure german industrial leaders over his plan
Sep 25, 2012 4:00am EDT
'll be in berlin where draghi and merkel are due to address german business leaders amid sharp criticism from the bundesbank. good morning to you. we have two hour of the good stuff coming up here on world wide exchange. i'm loving the done best bank. keynesians and monitors. and they call them the inflation maximizing fund. >> and it does illustrate more broadly the tensions here. >> i think it's great. spraying money around like confetti. >> yeah, they're not fans there in berlin. they think the imf has been going beyond its mandate and acting too much like a bank. meanwhile in washington, they're not pleased because they think the imf is stepping up and do the work that they would rather see germany do. >> we're r. we just like to be pragmatists. coming up, we'll go to berlin where angela merkel is about to speak. >> and then over to new delhi, business travel is giving a boost to the hotel business. chairperson of park hotels will be here. >> and sydney, the rba has warned its banks to be wary of the fallout of the eurozone debt crisis. >> and name dropping in new york. we hear from a mor
Sep 27, 2012 2:30pm PDT
with us. >> welcome back. german chancellor angela merkel has been summoned to answer questions about decisions she made as environment minister in the 1990's. a parliamentary committee is looking into mismanagement of a test site to dump nuclear waste. >> critics say merkel authorized tunnels to be dug without going through the proper channels. residents and activists say the site is a public hazard and that radioactive leaks could plague future generations. the chancellor denies having made any errors in selecting the site. >> angela merkel appearing at the parliamentary inquiry. the chancellor is asked to cast her mind back to the mid-1990's when she was environment minister. the opposition claims that merkel and the rest of her party were determined to push through the nation's nuclear dump and that they ignored studies proposing other sites. >> critical scientists have expressed doubts of -- about the site's suitability. the decision to pursue the location was essentially political. >> the chancellor denies those claims, as do other members of her party. some are unable to contai
Sep 12, 2012 2:30pm PDT
governments some certainty about the future. >> the german chancellor, angela merkel, has invested considerable political capital in the esm and welcomed the ruling. >> they have been debating the 2013 budget today. even for the pollard and terry and to oppose the fund, there was praise for the especially te provision for a debt ceiling. >> german chancellor, angela merkel, was all business when she prepared to address the german parliament. she remained preserved, imagining brief details and the german constitutional court's ruling. >> this decision strengthens the rights of parliament and gives both the government, taxpayers, and the country's citizens more security for the course we must take. that is why i say this is a good day for germany and a good day for europe. [applause] >> the opposition also welcomed the court's decision. they sought as a victory for the democratic process and the people of europe. >> european integration can only happen with democratic control and participation. this is a central message we received from the constitutional court today. >> to journalis
Sep 7, 2012 6:30pm PDT
merkel is backing the plan to buy bonds from troubled eurozone countries. >> the european central bank is an independent and reliable institution. it is responsible for the european monetary stability. the central bank made it clear that they will stay true to their mandate. >> despite heavy criticism grown coalition, she was defending the decision to buy bonds under strict conditions. >> it is a borderline decision. i can only emphasize that we have to fix the underlying structural issues causing the crisis pushing billions of dollars back and forth will not solve the problems. >> many of the parliamentary members feel the ecb decision goes too far. they say parliamentary approval is required. >> the central bank has declared they can unilaterally decide when they will buy bonds, for how long, and under what conditions. currently, no limits are in place. that's not acceptable in the long run. >> angela merkel's support has gained her a newfound popularity abroad. now she only has to convince from parliament back in germany. >> joining us now for more on this is terry martin. it looks
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
of is that is due to some evolution and chancellor merkel's view of things? >> you know, we are all evolving. the your heene union is a huge interaction of thought, personality, principles-- by the way, it's a fantastic place in the world to operate. and as, you see, for example, the fact that italy with a lot of effort is perceived by everybody, including germany, to be on the right track. has an influence on how jir germans-- the german public opinion, the german government see other countries in the your own zone. they become more confident on the willingness that everybody's doing its part. and it's not that there are the 5thrifty countries in the north and the lazy countries in the south. >> rose: you see a participation in that kind of dialogue. >> yes, i see participation of prejudices that had been piling up a bit too much. sometimes i still have to explain that people consider italy in the category of better countries. >> rose: yes. >> italy hasn't poro borrowed a single euro from any institution, and is the largest contributor in europe of funds and commitments to solve the situati
Sep 10, 2012 2:30pm PDT
's opposition has defended the bank's decision. they say chancellor merkel failed to contain the crisis by acting too slowly. for them, peter gauweiler's appeal is an indictment of his own coalition government. >> he should be attacking merkel, saying that she should put a proper system in place. >> a more effective system is what everyone in the german parliament is calling for to resolve the euro crisis. only, there is no agreement as to what that might be. >> we have been following the story from parliament here in berlin. we asked whether peter gauweiler's last minute legal challenge is likely to succeed. >> the government does not seem to think the chances are very high. it believes the court will rule on time on wednesday and in favor of the bailout mechanism's constitutionality. most legal experts seem to agree with that, largely because come in the past, the court has endeavored not to obstruct political -- because, in the past, the court hasn't ever not to obstruct political decisions about the euro or to stand -- has endeavored not to obstruct political decisions about the eur
Sep 11, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, but if they lose, it will be more difficult for angela merkel to push for more a austerity in brussels. >> what about anti-europe sentiment? what has changed? >> the dutch have become skeptical of pro european alexy. they say they were pushed into accepting the euro without being properly informed. skepticism is growing and they have developed a skepticism toward angela merkel, not in the way she deals with financial matters. they like it but she is very strict and they appreciate her financial rigorous test. but she has been pushing for more political integration that would meet in brussels would give more power and that is not something the dutch want at all. the european union as awful will take a course in the future, but it is unknown. >> we will have a look at how the national debt of different countries around the world stacks up in comparison. >> first come here is some of the other news from around the world. in and, at least 11 people died in a car bombing in the capital. the blast was directed at a convoy from the defense minister. he survived. it comes after the military claimed res
Sep 17, 2012 2:30pm PDT
at angela merkel's press conference today. >> it was a chance for journalists to pound the chancellor with questions. with parliamentary elections due next year, she's very aware of the public sentiment on the debt crisis. >> angela merkel's annual luck -- annual press conference consisted of one major topic -- the eurozone press credit -- the eurozone crisis. they queried her on the eurozone crisis and germany's message. her message was simple -- unity. >> in europe must work together. no single country can achieve as much as the european union as a whole. we are fortunate to be unified. >> the chancellor is insisting on increased austerity and budgetary reforms. she is confident it will restore the hall -- the health of europe's economy. >> europe and especially the eurozone will emerge from this crisis stronger than before. i am convinced of that. >> the debt crisis did take center stage, but she addressed next year's federal election. she hopes to continue the current coalition, but her christian democrats with the free democrats. >> the european central bank president, mario drag
Sep 19, 2012 2:30pm PDT
to meet with the german chancellor, angela merkel. the top of the agenda -- european union membership. >> the two will have much more to do with each other after croatia joins the european union next summer. the block is going to one of the most difficult chapters in its history. milanovic promised the german chancellor that they would stick to the new debt regulations. >> we're making great efforts to fill all the demands of fiscal policy that will soon be obligatory in europe. without a common fiscal policy, we are likely to find ourselves in great difficulty. we're trying to fill these criteria. >> to do that, croatia needs economic growth. the country relies heavily on tourism. it's a favorite destination for german holidaymakers, but its industrial sector has catching up to do. milanovic is trying to woo german investors. angela merkel called on him to continue reforms. >> there have been developments that impressed german investors. with regards to that, i would say we're on the right path. >> she also said she was confident that other countries in the region would follow the sa
Sep 21, 2012 2:30pm PDT
or on boards. it is not just about ability. >> chancellor merkel's government is deeply divided on the issue, but germany's upper house of parliament has approved a law forcing companies to put more women in top positions -. >> i have said this for some time -- these non-binding agreements we have a present do not work. that is why i think we need to legislate on this. then the financial crisis might have taken a different course with prudent women in charge -- >> the financial crisis might have taken a different course with putting women in charge. >> if the quota does become law, there will be a lot more women running german companies. >> let's bring in our correspondent. the numbers are surprising. at the moment, on the average, only 3% of the boards of germany's biggest companies are women. is that likely to change? >> i think that it probably will not pass the lower house of parliament, simply because it is a measure that has been proposed by the opposition, passing in the upper house with cross-party support, including some from chancellor merkel's conservative party. but even her own
Aug 31, 2012 6:30pm PDT
between germany and china are flourishing. problems arose between angela merkel's two-day visit. one example is solar industry. the industry accuses chinese competitors of price dumping. >> that also filed a complaint with the european commission. chancellor raised the issue in beijing as she ended her visit. >> beijing's imperial splendor. the premier accompanied the chancellor to the forbidden city. it was once home to the chinese emperor and his court. today, it is a world heritage site. it picture of the two together capturing the closeness of chinese chess -- a picture of the two together capturing the closeness of chinese-german ties. the two leaders celebrated the 100 airbus 8-320 to be built here, due for delivery soon. >> for both germany and china, the aviation industry is strategically important -- a strategically important industrial sector, and it is a prospect with an enormous future. >> both countries want to keep and trade ties further, but representatives of german industry say that china has to open up its markets more. the outgoing chinese leadership gave the chanc
Sep 6, 2012 7:00pm PDT
situation. german chancellor angela merkel and spanish prime minister mariano rahoy met in madrid. in a news conference after the meeting, rahoy said spain will decrease bad debts held by banks and conduct structural reforms to rebuild the country's financing. he added that his country will also work to achieve economic expansion. merkel said each country must deal with its issues. she called on spain to implement austerity measures to restructure its financing. and that's all for now in business news. i'm going to leave you with the latest market figures. >>> the people responsible for disaster preparedness in japan have drawn up a picture of widespread flooding in tokyo. their scenario shows floodwaters washing down residential streets and through business districts. the government council agreed on a set of guidelines on how to prepare and react. the council of cabinet ministers and sdaflter prevention officials drew up the recommendations. they call on central and local governments to coordinate efforts to deal with the damage. they estimate residential, commercial and business districts
Sep 6, 2012 4:00pm PDT
of madrid today, protests against a visit by the german chancellor, angela merkel. they blame her for austerity. when she met with the spanish prime minister, he would not be drawn on whether he would now be asking for a bailout. angela merkel spoke of the need to restore confidence in the euro as a whole. later, a spanish minister cast doubt on whether spain would seek help. >> i know you say that in the short term, certainly, that spain does not need to ask for a rescue. >> according to the figures in the financial situation right now, we believe that we can be self-sufficient. >> but those regions -- but there are regions that see why spain may need a rescue. for companies like this furniture factory, it is a harsh climate. consumers are not spending, and it is almost impossible to find credit. once bustling industrial estates are shuddered. the town, like so many, is struggling with huge debt. even the street lighting is being reduced. today's announcement was the ecb's big bazooka. there will be no limits on the amount of government bonds the central bank can buy. quite simpl
Sep 8, 2012 7:00pm EDT
to hear about bailouts or angela merkel. people want to talk about the cost of a bottle of gas, petrow, madison, mortgages. expectations. they want to talk about their problems and that is what we do. >> in madrid, they know the move by the ecb opens the way for spain's debt to be bought on a massive scale, remove it -- removing the threat of imminent default. but is dependent on conditions and the conditions will be set in a struggle between these two, angela merkel, who needs spain to accept more austerity to appease a german voters, and the spanish prime minister, mariano rajoy, who could not bring himself to ask for the bailout. >> of priorities of the government right now are to create jobs. the first priority is we have to continue on the path for cutting the deficit. the next is to continue the structural reforms and rebuild the banking sector. in the next few weeks, we will have more details on changes to the banking sector. >> even of the spanish people accept the conditions, the process has created cracks in the political system. >> there is a problem with the loss of credibi
Sep 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
, but a victory for chancellor merkel but warning to her that she's not god. the ease -- got the ease of movement she might like. >> i suppose it comes down now to whether people believe that the size of that fund is adequate or not because if deemed not to be adequate, then all of this is for thought. >> yeah. and that's the big division, really. chancellor merkel and the finance minister here, there is in brussels say that there's a lot of money in that part. that is enough money to guarantee for the spectators on the international finance market speculate against the euro. we can beat them. that's the big signal. on the other side there, are skeptics who say the situation in spain could get much worse. the real situation, the real economy in spain could get worse and that could worsen the economic situation of the spanish government, for example. there could be trouble in italy the same way. if things get dramatically worse in the real economy, then they say that part simply won't be big enough. in the short term in the immediate term, there is now no obvious threat to the stability of the eur
Sep 19, 2012 4:00am EDT
heard from angela merkel saying the president has the right to speak about what he believes. i'm wondering where she will still feel some consternation at these remarks, even though they've come from a slightly sort of side adjunct. >> reporter: let's be quite clear about this. the politicians at the moment are very happy if i stay with faust, for the ecb to do their dirty work. clearly, reforms, etc., don't get on track fast enough, so they need the ecb to keep buying them time. they've done that with all the money they pumped into the market over the past few years. they've done that with the first bond bank program and they do that with the second bond bank program, which at the moment has been announced but not executed, of course. they kind of close their eyes, in my opinion, and i think he is on my side with that one. the ecb is going one step further by actually acting politically and not only in monetary policy. you're kind of stepping on dodgy ground and politicians know that, but they ignore it. he chooses not to ignore it. i think angela merkel would be happy if he w
FOX Business
Sep 1, 2012 12:00am EDT
will be terrizing, let me ask you about the issues. angela merkel is calling for a new constitutional convention before the end of the year to deal with it the fundamental problem. you have a common currency by independent fiscal policy. you yourself called for greece to get more time from the europeans to implement their austerity measures but you have german parliamentary members and leaders saying we can do without greece. seems as if things are unraveling in europe, not unifying? >> well, german parliamentary opposition to supporting yeast remains -- greece remains quite strong. chancellor merkel stared that down in the past and my expectation is quite solid she will stare it down again and europe will come around to giving greece a bit more time. i think rolling the dice on a greece exit in the eurozone isighly risky proposition i doubt seriously chancellor merkel or other ecb leaders want to roll the dice at this point. i think however it does point towards constitutional referendum. i think we're going to have to see a gameplan for fiscal convergence fiscal unification in europe. it will
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
countries. angela merkel arrived at parliament. she knew 37,000 germans had petitioned the court, fearful but control over german budget was being lost. she also knew her european strategy depended on the court backing her. >> i say it is it today for germany and a good day for europe. >> the court did rule if german liabilities were to increase further in parliament would have to give its approval. >> those who petition the court are given new bailout fund emboldens more power is going to eu institutions without proper democratic control. one of the petitioners said the decision to support was bad for german democracy. >> high-end disappointing -- i am disappointed because they finance of the expense of the north and europe. >> even here there are signs the german economy is slowing and support for further bailouts is weakening. at some point enough is enough. germany has its own problems. we should deal with them. >> we are worried germany might also go down. >> european integration is deepening. a first step was taken today towards a full banking union with an aim of economic and polit
Sep 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to the air. >> i put my faith in the pilot and god. >> it really is a dangerous problem. the merkel on the hudson was exactly that, in merkel. some 25 people have died as a result of birds coming into contact with planes. kendis gibson abc 7 news. >> the midwest drought is hitting all crops including popcorn. the retail prices is jumping $20 to more than $30 for a five- pound bag. moviegoers will be seeing a slight price increase for the bucket of popcorn at theaters. >> many people are enjoying the celebrations across the dc area. the greenbelt posted its labor day parade this morning something for everyone to enjoy from the color guard, beauty queens, and floats. the annual parade demonstrates the diverse cultural background. >> tomorrow will be a big day for morning talk show host kelly ripa. bets are former nfl star michael strahan will be getting the spot. they have brought in more than 25 guest hosts since regis philbin retired. prince andrew proves he is not afraid of heights. he was one of 40 people to repel down a skyscraper all in london on monday. the feat was in an effo
Sep 20, 2012 4:00am EDT
on whether they will continue to be supportive of sovereign debt. it comes just a month after angela merkel went to see the premiere in beijing and he said they would continue to buy sovereign debt, but they had serious concerns. and the it would be -- there would be a clear assessment of arriving. and what we have to debate is whether the bond purchasing program has altered that assessment in any way. the other things of course that will be discussed, human rights, trade, subsidies that china puts on their goods. and i can't really go any further without talking about the issue of the solar panels. this will be debated, but they won't get in to the nitty-gritty. that's for the investigation to decide. and of course comes on the back of reports that there will be a delay in the ruling on subsidies to telco, too. especially within the eu, there are divisions on the treatment and the relationships with china. they do seem to hold all the cards. ultimately we're not going to get a decision on the dialogue today because it won't be the usual arguments perhaps about beijing's ability to restrict
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 140 (some duplicates have been removed)